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Voice serving you since 1999. Dictionary, Turkey and continues to maintain its leadership in the category dictionary in the world. Audio Dictionary brings the translation of 20 million words in 20 different languages ​​with the accents of the words in the fastest way to the users. Moreover, it makes it easy to learn with games that simplify the learning of words. Audio Dictionary, which is not set up for profit, is known by the users for learning foreign languages ​​and for listening to the accents of words. One of the prominent features of the Voice Dictionary is to display visuals of the searched words and watch videos. This feature allows the user to find a better place in his memory and help him to forget the word. In this sense, the Voice Dictionary will make a great contribution both to improve your foreign language and to help you communicate in English, German, French, Chinese, Russian and Arabic. The Voice Dictionary will become your indispensable application to improve your language skills and your foreign language.
Although English is renowned for its translation in English, it has improved itself in other languages ​​and started translating in all languages. Turkish to English translation, Turkish to German translation, Turkish to French translation, French to Turkish translation Our site, which contains 20 million words in 20 different languages, defines itself as the dictionary of all languages.

In addition, professional dictionary, text editing, proofreading, deciphering, rewriting, and also provide professional services.

We will continue to be the best online dictionary and will continue to provide you with the best quality service.

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